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f​ioroso tattoo

Since 2010 | Based in Austin ★ Texas


Fioroso Tattoo x Jonathan Paul Fiore


Only the Exceptional.

Master Linework

I have dedicated my life to creating exceptional tattoos. Since I began tattooing, linework has been a strong suit of mine. You can see throughout my portfolios many examples from over the years of freshly inked and healed tattoos where fine lines and bold lines are both executed exceptionally.

Illustrator / Tattoo Artist passionate about tattoo craft and line-based artwork.

I've been pretty obsessed with art throughout my entire life and I began drawing as soon as I could hold anything in my hands. From cartoons to graffiti, graphic design to tattoos, fine art to gaming and NFT's, I have always completely loved illustration.

Tattooing is a wildly beautiful craft. Tattoo work has completely taken over my life since we were formally introduced by my first mentor over the summer of 2008. 2010 was my first full year tattooing professionally.

I define line-based artwork as just about any illustration with a clear focus on line elements. Some easy examples include traditional American tattoos, classic Disney cartoons, most comic book illustrations, calligraphy, artwork by Alphonse Mucha, technical drawings and a significant portion of my own creations—all of which showcase the powerful role that lines can play in expression and with shaping an overall composition.

Lines speak. They have character. And, characters with a voice can share powerful stories.

Which story should we tell?

Experienced and exceptional tattoo work of the highest standards.

Tattooing is an exciting art form, but it's crucial to remember that tattoos are a form of minor cosmetic surgery.


Understanding your tattoo artist's level of experience is paramount. While supporting less experienced artists can be a great thing to do, it is important to know if that is what you're actually signing up for. Unfortunately, it is common for many tattoo artists without a lot of experience to avoid being upfront about that. 

Make sure you can see healed work from your tattoo artist in their portfolio.

Texas does not require tattoo artists to have any medical training. At Fioroso Tattoo, Jonathan has been consistently certified for tattoo specific medical training for over 10 years.

Jonathan is also committed to the best possible quality that he can produce every single tattoo. With a lifetime of drawing experience, over ten years of tattoo experience, proper medical training, great reputation and an obsession with exceptional artwork Fioroso Tattoo is an absolutely solid choice for nearly any tattoo request.

Get an awesome tattoo.

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