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fioroso tattoo

Since 2010 | Based in Austin ★ Texas

Fioroso Tattoo x Jonathan Paul Fiore

"I have always been obsessed with illustration.


Everything from fine artist sketching, cartoon characters, calligraphy, graffiti, comic book illustration, vintage woodcut prints, even technical drawings and of course tattoos have all completely captivated me throughout my life with their profound use of line art.


Drawing since I could hold anything, my illustration style mostly developed around line-based sketching. I’ve grown proficient with graphite, ink, paint, graphic design, digital illustration, screen-printing, tattooing and continue to expand into other visual art media.


As I began tattooing, line-work immediately became a strong suit. I absolutely love doing everything from fine-line to bold-line and especially playing with both line weights together every chance possible.


I enjoy the art and craftsmanship of minimalist fine line tattoos just as much as busier more intricately stylized tattoo work.


I’d love to tattoo your ideas! Please email me for all inquiries, tattoo appointments and free consultations."




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Art Realm Tattoo

6203 N Capital Texas Hwy

Austin, TX 78731

NH Tattoo

707 Milford Rd #7A

Merrimack, NH

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